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Horror! Comics! Anger!
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  • 10/03/16--11:21: Satanic (2016) [REVIEW]
  •   Guys, it’s called “Satanic” so of course I’m gonna wanna check it out! Satan is the ultimate bad boy, second only to me. I’d never heard of this movie, […]

    satanic-movie-2016-ritual-sacrifice-tattoo-knifewolfmanlivessatanic-movie-poster-2016-sarah-hylandsatanic-movie-2016-sarah-hyland-clara-mamet-ouija-boardsatanic-movie-2016-ritual-sacrifice-tattoo-knifeone quarter moonsatanic-movie-2016-ritual-sacrifice-tattoo-knifewolfmanlivessatanic-movie-poster-2016-sarah-hylandsatanic-movie-2016-sarah-hyland-clara-mamet-ouija-boardsatanic-movie-2016-ritual-sacrifice-tattoo-knifeone quarter moon

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  • 12/09/16--15:04: Abattoir (2016) [REVIEW]
  • I can’t say I’m super familiar with all of Darren Lynn Bousman‘s work, but from what I have seen, it’s always been pretty stylish. Whether you like that style or […]

    abattoir-movie-2016-jessica-lowndes-knife-bloodwolfmanlivesabattoir-movie-poster-2016-darren-lynn-bousmanabattoir-movie-2016-mob-gun-old-guyabattoir-movie-2016-jessica-lowndes-knife-bloodone quarter moonabattoir-movie-2016-jessica-lowndes-knife-bloodwolfmanlivesabattoir-movie-poster-2016-darren-lynn-bousmanabattoir-movie-2016-mob-gun-old-guyabattoir-movie-2016-jessica-lowndes-knife-bloodone quarter moon

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  • 01/04/17--14:04: The Cell (2000) [REVIEW]
  • Imagine, if you will, a time and place where there was no hotter actress than Jennifer Lopez, a leading man no more charming than Vince Vaughn, and an actor no […]

    the-cell-movie-jennifer-lopez-mask-vince-vaughnwolfmanlivesthe-cell-movie-poster-jennifer-lopez-2000the-cell-movie-jennifer-lopez-mask-vince-vaughnvincent-donofrio-the-cell-movie-scissors-gold-outfit-intestinethe-cell-movie-vincent-donofrio-suspended-hooks-dead-bodyone quarter moonthe-cell-movie-jennifer-lopez-mask-vince-vaughnwolfmanlivesthe-cell-movie-poster-jennifer-lopez-2000the-cell-movie-jennifer-lopez-mask-vince-vaughnvincent-donofrio-the-cell-movie-scissors-gold-outfit-intestinethe-cell-movie-vincent-donofrio-suspended-hooks-dead-bodyone quarter moon

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    Sharni Vinson sure was a badass in You’re Next, wasn’t she? I wasn’t really familiar with her until then, but she also starred in the (shitty) shark movie Bait, which I […]

    house on willow street sharni vinson movie 2017wolfmanliveshouse on willow street sharni vinson movie 2017wolfmanlives

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    Remember when Armageddon and Deep Impact came out in the same year and it was tough to remember which was which? Or what about when Dante’s Peak came out the […]

    this is your death josh duhamel james franco movie 2017wolfmanlivesthis is your death josh duhamel james franco movie 2017wolfmanlives

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    Four years after its release, Cheap Thrills still kicks all kinds of ass. There isn’t one element of that film that stands out from the rest, with the performances, direction, […]

    68 kill movie 2017 sxsw Matthew Gray Gublerwolfmanlives68 kill movie 2017 sxsw Matthew Gray Gublerwolfmanlives

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    Ever since the days of Friendster (yeah kids, I’m talking FRIENDSTER!), I’ve been fascinated with the way that social media would impact the development of society. In my own personal […]

    like me movie 2017 addison timlinwolfmanliveslike me movie 2017 addison timlinwolfmanlives

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    Thanks to the Crocodile Dundee films and the likes of Yahoo Serious, the ’80s gave Australian cinema a pretty goofy reputation. American audiences seem to view the continent as one […]

    Killing Ground - Still 1wolfmanlivesKilling Ground - Still 1wolfmanlives

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    Whether it be The Hunger Games or Battle Royale or The Running Man, there’s no shortage of movies about sci-fi dystopias where people must compete in some way, shape, or […]


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    On the one hand, it’s frustrating that films are often called “Cronenbergian” whenever it includes elements of science fiction and grimy practical effects of body horror, but on the other […]

    replace movie rebecca forsythewolfmanlivesreplace movie rebecca forsythewolfmanlives